Intellisync 6.0

Powerful syncronization solution for multiple applications

Intellisync Handheld Edition® software keeps you up-to-date with direct, two-way synchronization between your PC and your Palm OS® device. Synchronize your ever-changing calendar, email, contacts, notes and tasks with the personal information management, contact management, and groupware applications on which you depend every day.

With its patented Data Synchronization Extensions Technology (DSX Technology® engine), only Intellisync Handheld Edition lets you simultaneously synchronize handheld organizer data with multiple PC applications like Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Lotus Notes and Organizer, Novell GroupWise, ACT!, and many more. And advanced capabilities like push synchronization, intelligent field mapping, custom filtering, and full conflict resolution ensure unparalleled accuracy, convenience, and reliability.

Key Features:

Easy, one-step synchronization

Whether you're on the road or at your desk, one-step synchronization with Intellisync Handheld Edition ensures you'll never be overbooked, out of date, or out of touch.

E-mail attachment support

Synchronize e-mails with attachments from your PC to your handheld and vice-versa*. Palm OS and Windows Mobile users also have the ability to forward e-mails (including any files attached to the e-mail) to other users.

Advanced e-mail features

Import, export, and synchronize email messages between your PC and handheld device. Easily sync information between e-mail subfolders, as well as sync and forward your e-mail attachments.

Full conflict resolution and powerful filtering

When changes are made to the same record on your handheld and PC, Intellisync Handheld Edition accurately detects and resolves the conflict automatically, or makes changes based on the customized controls you've selected. Quickly synchronize even large databases by using filters to select only the information you need updated. Intellisync Handheld Edition saves you time - and optimizes space on your handheld device.

Complete customization

First choose the applications you want to synchronize. Then use advanced capabilities like intelligent field mapping and date range support for complete control over your information.

Outlook Custom Forms support

Intellisync Handheld Edition supports customized forms that are created using the standard form templates within Outlook. When you create a Custom Form, you can choose from many standard Outlook fields, or you can create your own.



Intellisync 6.0